About Us

Our worlds collided when this Texas two-stepper met the soft-pretzel slinging Philadelphian five years ago in grad school...

                     Changshan + Ying Huang                                                                                          Jeanette + Rick DeGregorio   

                     Changshan + Ying Huang                                                                                        Jeanette + Rick DeGregorio   

Our Parents

We feel fortunate to have such similar families in many ways. Coincidentally, both our fathers' studied at Penn State, we both lived in Philadelphia as children, and both our moms studied nursing.

Our parents' share a love for life, great sense of humor, and selfless, nurturing spirits. Since we've met, we've been lucky enough to live with both parents - while in China and in Philadelphia.

We can't thank you enough for the love and support you've given us. We love you so much!!